5 Best Egg Boiler in India: A Powerful Gadget

The Best Egg Boiler in India


While boiling eggs may appear to be a simple process, attaining the desired consistency can be difficult. An electric egg boiler streamlines the procedure and ensures consistent results every time. An electric boiler can provide soft-boiled, medium-boiled, or hard-boiled eggs with pinpoint accuracy.

Convenience is important in today’s fast-paced society, even when it comes to cooking. If you enjoy properly cooked eggs for breakfast or as a quick snack, you’ll appreciate the value of having the best electric egg boiler in your kitchen. Purchasing the best egg cooker in India is a good decision. In this comprehensive review, we will look at the finest boilers on the market in India and offer you with all of the information you need to make an informed selection. These are the best 5 are Wipro Vesta Electric Egg Boiler, Themisto 350 Watts Egg Boiler, KENT Egg Boiler 16069, MILTON Smart Egg Boilers, Glen Egg Boiler

How To Use Egg Boiler / Egg Cooker

  • 1.The desired line of water should be reached in the measuring cup. The number of eggs you are cooking and the degree of doneness you desire will determine how much water you need.

  • 2.Fill the egg boiler’s bottom with water.

  • 3.Fill the egg holding tray with the eggs.
  • 4.Plug in the egg boiler after covering it with a lid.
  • 5.Decide on the ideal cooking setting. There are typically three settings on egg boilers: soft, medium, and hard.
  • 6.When the eggs are finished cooking, the egg boiler will shut off automatically.
  • 7.To halt the cooking process, carefully remove the eggs from the egg holder tray and place them in a dish of cold water.
  • 8.Peel your eggs, then eat them.

Here are some more suggestions

  • To prevent shattering when cooking multiple layers of eggs, prick the bottom of each egg with an egg piercer.
  • Use the poaching tray that was provided with your egg cooker to cook poached eggs there.
  • When taking the eggs out of the egg boiler, exercise caution because the water and steam can be rather hot.
  • To prevent shattering when cooking multiple layers of eggs, prick the bottom of each egg with an egg piercer.
  • Use the poaching tray that was provided with your egg cooker to cook poached eggs there.
  • When taking the eggs out of the egg boiler, exercise caution because the water and steam can be rather hot.

Here is a table of cooking times for different types of eggs:

egg types            Cooking time (minutes)

Soft-Boiled 5-7

Medium-Boiled 8-10

Hard-Boiled 11-13

The Top Egg Boilers

With so many options available, determining the finest egg boiler might be difficult. Here are our top 5 egg Boiler to help you make a decision:

1.    Wipro Vesta Electric Egg Boiler

About this item

  • The Egg Boiler Price range Between 1 – 1.3k
  • Wipro Vesta Electric Egg Boiler Machine cooks 7 eggs at a time with simple one-touch control for a quick and nutritious breakfast.
  • Wipro Vesta Egg Boiler is a stainless-steel heating plate that distributes heat evenly to help you produce flawlessly cooked eggs in minutes.
  • It is not as simple as it sounds to boil eggs in various ways. This is why the Wipro Vesta Egg can simply boil eggs in three modes: soft, hard, and medium.
  • Fill the measuring cup with water to your liking and the amount of eggs you desire.
  • Wipro Vesta Boiler has a distinctive function that automatically turns off after cooking eggs for the consumers’ comfort to minimize mishaps or overboiling

2.    Themisto 350 Watts Egg Boiler

About this item

  • The Egg Boiler Price range Between 0.3 – 0.5k
  • WHAT COMES WITH IT? Dishwasher safe egg cooker base Parts that can be removed: 7-Egg Tray, Firmness Measuring Cup, Clear Lid, and Instruction Manual
  • COMPACT SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: Ideal as a back-to-school gift for dormitories, apartments, RV campers, camping, and other small spaces. It is small and lightweight, and it easily fits into drawers for storage or may just be left out on the counter as a bright and colorful complement to any home kitchen.
  • SEVEN EGG CAPACITY: Save time and water by cooking up to 7 eggs in soft, medium, or hard boiled firmness.
  • EASY TO USE: Fill measuring cup with water to desired doneness, click the power button once, and your eggs will be “Egg-Celent!” in minutes. Fun and easy to use for all ages of family members! Every time, the built-in timer, buzzer, and auto-shut off get it perfect.

3.    KENT Egg Boiler 16069

About this item

  • The Egg Boiler Price range Between 1.1 – 1.5k
  • The Super Boiler cooks 6 eggs at a time with a simple one-touch operation for a quick and nutritious breakfast.
  • Featuring a stainless steel body and heating plate for superior and quicker performance; For the breakfast of your and your family’s choosing, three boiling settings are available: soft, medium, and hard.
  • Fill the measuring cup with water to your liking and the amount of eggs you desire.
  • When the eggs are done, safety measures such as automatic power-off and overheating prevention will shut down the machine.

4.    MILTON Smart Egg Boilers

About this item

  • The Egg Boiler Price range Between 1.3 – 1.5k
  • Stainless Steel Body & Heating Plate – With a stainless steel body and a flat heating plate, It is long-lasting, won’t rust, and allows for faster boiling.
  • One-Touch Operation – This appliance’s simple and rapid one-touch operation allows you to boil 7 eggs at once in only a few minutes.
  • 3 Boiling settings – Its three boiling settings allow you to cook the eggs soft, medium, or hard, according on the preferences of each family member.
  • Automatic Shut Off – When the eggs are done, the auto power turn-off and over-temperature protection will automatically shut off the power supply.

5.    Glen Egg Boiler

About this item

  • The Egg Boiler Price range Between 1.2 – 1.5k
  • A little boiler that can boil 8 eggs at once. Simply pour the proper amount of water, puncture the eggs, and set for steaming | Equipped with an egg ready indicator that indicates the progress of boiling
  • For long-term usage, it has a stainless steel body, a flat heating plate, and a break-resistant food grade polycarbonate transparent top cover. The appliance is turned off automatically once the food has been boiled/steamed.
  • Allows you to choose between three boiling modes: soft, medium, and hard depending on your preference |Boiled eggs can be kept fresh, tender, and nutritious after boiling | The appliance includes a measuring cup with a piercing pin.
  • 500W of electricity to boil and steam meals as needed | It includes four food-grade poaching trays for steaming various items such as poached eggs, dhoklas, maize, idli, and so on.
  • 230 V AC 50 Hz power supply | Cord Plug / Length: 2 Pins/1.0 m

Why Buy an Egg Boiler?

  • Why should you consider adding an egg boiler to your kitchen appliances? Let’s look at the advantages:
  • Boiler Machine cook eggs fast and effectively, which saves you time in the morning.
  • Consistency: Boil eggs properly every time, with no possibility of undercooking or overcooking.
  • Convenience: Because most boilers are simple to use and clean, they are a no-hassle addition to your kitchen.

How to Select the Best Egg Boiler

Not all egg boilers Machine are the same. Consider the following aspects while choosing the finest boiler for your kitchen:

  • Determine how many eggs you wish to cook at the same time.
  • Timer and Alarm: For perfect cooking, look for a model with a timer and alarm.
  • Material: Examine the materials for quality and longevity.

Utilizing Your Egg Boiler

Now that you’ve found the ideal Machine, here’s a step-by-step tutorial to using it effectively:

  • Fill the Electric egg boiler with water to the appropriate level.
  • Place the eggs in the appropriate tray.
  • Set the timer according on your preferences.
  • Wait for the alarm to sound to signify that your eggs are done.

Cleaning and care

Cleaning and upkeep are critical to the longevity of your boiler. Follow these easy steps:

  • Before cleaning, unplug the appliance.
  • Use a mild detergent to clean the egg tray and other detachable pieces.
  • Using a moist towel, wipe off the main unit.
  • Descale it on a regular basis to prevent mineral accumulation.

Why Should You Use an Boiler?

  • Efficiency: Electric egg boilers are intended to help you save time and effort. They use steam to swiftly cook eggs, considerably lowering cooking time. You may have freshly cooked eggs ready for breakfast or a snack in just a few minutes.
  • Consistency: The ability of it offer consistent outcomes is one of its most significant advantages. These machines include precise temperature and timed controls to ensure that your eggs are neither overdone or undercooked. You may finally put an end to the agony of peeling eggs with runny yolks or dry, overdone cores.
  • Convenience: Because electric egg cookers are simple to operate, they are suited for everyone, from busy professionals to students living in hostels. Most versions have an on/off switch or digital controls that allow you to simply modify the cooking time. Some even feature sound notifications to notify you when the eggs are done, saving you the trouble of constantly checking.

How to Choose the Best Electric Egg Boiler

  1. Capacity
  • The capacity of an electric egg cooker is a crucial consideration, particularly if you have a big family or frequently host visitors. Most versions can hold 6 to 7 eggs simultaneously. Look for models with a greater egg-holding capacity if you usually need to boil a larger batch. Some high-end versions can even handle up to 12 eggs at the same time.
  1. Material and Build Quality
  • The materials utilized in the construction are critical to its longevity and safety. Materials like as stainless steel and BPA-free plastic are widely utilized, guaranteeing that your eggs are cooked in a non-toxic atmosphere. A well-constructed boiler will last longer and give greater value for your money.
  1. Cooking Time
  • The cooking speed of it might vary. If you’re constantly on the move and need your cooked eggs quickly, search for models with shorter cooking durations. Some powerful boilers can cook eggs in as little as 6 to 8 minutes, making them ideal for rushed mornings.

Additional Benefits

Consider the following features to improve your egg cooking experience:

  • automated Shut-off: Many modern egg boilers include an automated shut-off feature that shuts the device off once the eggs are done. This function guards against overcooking and assures safety.
  • Alert or buzzer: A buzzer or auditory alarm might be useful, especially if you’re multitasking in the kitchen. It tells you when your eggs are ready without having to look at them.
  • Adjustable Cooking Modes: Some egg cookers have changeable egg consistency settings. These options allow you to personalize your eggs to your desire, whether you want soft-boiled, medium-boiled, or hard-boiled eggs.
  • Considering these elements will assist you in selecting the finest electric egg cooker that meets your individual demands and tastes. It’s all about striking the appropriate combination of capacity, features, and speed to make your egg-boiling experience as simple and fun as possible.


  • The finest electric egg cooker in India is the key to uniform and easy egg processing. These gadgets are extremely efficient, producing properly cooked eggs in minutes. Their user-friendly features accommodate to those with hectic schedules and diverse tastes, ensuring that every egg is cooked to perfection. Consider capacity, material quality, cooking speed, and other features like as automatic shut-off and changeable settings when selecting the best . With the correct electric egg boiler, you can turn your breakfast ritual into a breeze, eating freshly cooked eggs every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I cook different kinds of eggs in an electric egg boiler?

A1: You may use an electric egg boiler to cook any sort of egg, including chicken eggs, duck eggs, and quail eggs. You may also use an electric boiler to cook soft-boiled, medium-boiled, or hard-boiled eggs.

Q2: How long does it take an electric egg boiler to cook eggs?

A2: The cooking time for eggs varies according on the type of eggs and the desired level of doneness. Soft-boiled eggs take around 6-8 minutes to cook, medium-boiled eggs take about 10-12 minutes to cook, and hard-boiled eggs take about 12-15 minutes to cook.

Q3:How do I clean an electric egg boiler?

A3: Wipe off the exterior of an boiler with a moist cloth to clean it. You may also clean the egg tray and cover with warm, soapy water. Before using the boiler again, completely dry all of the components.

Other suggestions:

  • When filling the boiler’s base, use cold water. This will aid in the uniform cooking of the eggs.
  • When preparing hard-boiled eggs, a sprinkle of vinegar in the water can help keep the shells from shattering.
  • When the eggs are done, take them from the boiler and immediately set them in a dish of cold water. This will halt the frying process and make peeling the eggs simpler.

Q4: What are the various features of electric egg boilers?

A4: boilers are available in a range of models with varying characteristics. Some of the most prevalent characteristics are:

  • Egg capacity: Electric egg cookers generally hold 7-14 eggs.
  • Automatic shut-off: This function guarantees that the boiler automatically turns off after the eggs are cooked to your preference.
  • This function notifies you when the eggs are done cooking.
  • Measuring cup: This cup is used to determine how much water to add to the boiler.
  • Egg piercer: This instrument is used to pierce hard-boiled eggs’ shells to keep them from shattering.

Q5: What is the operation of an electric egg boiler?

A5: An electric egg boiler generates steam by heating water. In the boiler, the steam then cooks the eggs.

Q6: Can I Easily Find This Egg Boiler Online ?

A6: Yes, You can Easily Find Them By Searching Egg Boiler Amazon or Egg Boiler Flipkart On You Google Tab

Q7: What is the best way to use an electric egg boiler?

A7: Simply follow the directions that come with your individual model. Most electric egg cookers are simple to use. Typically, you will need to fill the boiler with water, set the eggs on the egg tray, and close the lid. Then, choose your preferred cooking setting and push the start button. When the eggs are cooked to your taste, the boiler will automatically switch off.

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